Hi there I’m Matthew Williams I like maple syrup and pancakes! I run this blog with the rest of the neighborhood on my new laptop I got on my birthday. My best friend Alfred comes over a lot so he shows up a lot along with my papa Francis. We live in a town called Hellsberry. I have a lot of neighbors so come on down and meet them- ALFRED DON’T DO THAT!


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Read me!

Anonymous sent: Do you guys go to school?

no.. and I don’t wanna go either.

Halloween is coming up!! What do you guys think we should be?

heros-sidekick sent: Aww are you guys just adorable *gives cookies* i can just kiss you both >:3

I wouldn’t mind a little kiss from a pretty lady!

ask-voodootalia sent: Would the babies like to play with some dolls? (●ω●)ノ*throws matching voodoo doll to each baby*

Anonymous sent: M!A: You're babies for 10 asks!


ask-the-hawaiian-islands sent: Aye little guys! *Ruffles up their hair* Do you two ever go to the beach? Its awesome

Emptied the inbox, please leave us some doggie treats 

Anonymous sent: You two cuties seem old enough, have any crushes?

I don’t know!

Anonymous sent: *lets lose a monkey in the house. It talks*

i don’t like this

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