Hi there I’m Matthew Williams I like maple syrup and pancakes! I run this blog with the rest of the neighborhood on my new laptop I got on my birthday. My best friend Alfred comes over a lot so he shows up a lot along with my papa Francis. We live in a town called Hellsberry. I have a lot of neighbors so come on down and meet them- ALFRED DON’T DO THAT!


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M!A's: Alfred's to do everything Matt asks him to.
Current event: Cousins are over
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an-actual-iguana sent: So, do you two wish you could go to work with your parents more?

ehhhhh not really, we go whenever we want to visit them at their weird restaurant.

ask-thetransgenderamerican sent: Would you guys like some bacon?? ;v;


im sleepy (=v= ) zzzzz
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im sleepy (=v= ) zzzzz

Anonymous sent: You should ask your cousins where babies come from.

Alex looked at us like this, and James looked at us like this

He kept talking about family and stuff, but I didn’t get it really.

They said that it doesn’t matter because we can’t have any anyways, he didn’t say why though

Anonymous sent: Hello, boys! What have the two of you been up to? OvO


Anonymous sent: Matthew! You're cute and I want to kiss you. But tell me about your father ~ is he single, I heard...?

But he’s super bossy!

Anonymous sent: What scares you two the most?

Anonymous sent: Matthew? How well do you get along with your cousin, James?

what..? James isn’t my cousin, Alex is my cousin!

It’s a lot of fun!

Just in case you guys needed some clarification to how this all works!
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Just in case you guys needed some clarification to how this all works!