Hi there I’m Matthew Williams I like maple syrup and pancakes! I run this blog with the rest of the neighborhood on my new laptop I got on my birthday. My best friend Alfred comes over a lot so he shows up a lot along with my papa Francis. We live in a town called Hellsberry. I have a lot of neighbors so come on down and meet them- ALFRED DON’T DO THAT!


Questions: Ask box open!
M!A's: Alfred's to do everything Matt asks him to.
Current event: Cousins are over
(( Caname ask blog run by Sam and Grace! you can direct questions to Matthew or to Alfred))

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Emptied the inbox, please leave us some doggie treats 

Anonymous sent: You two cuties seem old enough, have any crushes?

I don’t know!

Anonymous sent: *lets lose a monkey in the house. It talks*

i don’t like this

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askthegirlwiththehetalians sent: what do you guys do for fun

Especially on Matthews dad and my mom! they’re so easy to fool hehe

ask-winged-arthur sent: ((Wait wait. What?! Human?!))

why the outrage? We use organic here so no need to worry about preservatives or frozen food.

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[ In the next comic I draw I think I’ll tell you Francis’ not so savory secret ]

Anonymous sent: Has either of you ever heard one of your dad's yelling or making noises in pain at night? I bet Matt's Papa takes home pretty ladies and they make him yell in pain a lot!! O:

Alfred doesn’t have a papa.. but his momma comes over a lot with him and we have sleep overs. does that count? Sometimes they kick the wall or something and wake us up, but we don’t care since we can go to sleep real fast. Really the only ladies that papa does bring over he takes them to dinner and stuff, he has a lot of friends, plus they’re really nice and like playing games too!

askcosplayaphfemcanada sent: Is that where all my cranberry juice went? [frowns]



and if I said yes… what would you do…..?

… Aggressively tickle you.